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Quality and Assurance

Quality and Assurance is an aspect that we has invested a great deal of attention and resources into.

Our Philosophy revolves around the simple principle of ‘Detection from Quality Control’ and ‘Prevention from Quality Assurance’ . Assurance and Control working hand in hand to give you the best product and services on the market.

We strive to establish trust in a market that is very new and to foster relationships that will set the standard for the Nanotechnology Coating Industry in Australia.

How have we vetted our suppliers?

The Nanotechnology coating products we have procured and integrated into our services platforms have been supplier vetted using the internationally accepted 10c quantitative assessment Scorecard Principles.


♦ Competency

♦ Capacity

♦ Commitment

♦ Control

♦ Cash

♦ Cost

♦ Consistency

♦ Culture

♦ Clean

♦ Communication

Brands Matrix

So apart from superior products, supply chain efficiency is also ensured right across Australia 24/7.

The core probe elements covered for all our Suppliers:

♦ Quality

♦ Test-Result Disclosure

♦ Certification Disclosure

♦ MDSS Disclosure

♦ Contact impression

♦ Product Range

♦ Pricing and Terms

♦ Global and Local Distribution

♦ Generation of Technology

♦ Innovation

All suppliers and their products have gone through a very rigorous vetting criteria as well as independent testing laboratories to make sure that the services we offer are nothing short of professional and top-notch.

What you can expect from us?

The same C factors, like competency and commitment that we expect from our suppliers, you can expect from us.

5-StarOur 5-Star Business approach enables us to provide the already established technical know-how to Australia and truly exceptional service in an innovative industry that is booming. MBN Australia caters to a broad range of clients and industries right across the great Southern Land. At MBN, we acknowledge and adapt to the uniqueness of each industry, business sector and client.

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