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Invisible protection-Superior liquid repellency

Nano4Shoes-Textiles and PremiumTextiles work with the same principles. They are water based Nanotechnology products. After product application, a thin layer of SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) seals the protected area so no foreign liquid or oily substance can penetrate the shoes and fabrics, reducing the chance of permanent staining.Humidity, water, coffee, ketchup, wine, coffee, oil, syrup, sauces, and other hot or cold liquids are easily removed. All accidental spills are simply blotted up and removed with a dry or slightly damp cloth and the shoes or fabric goes back to its original state as if nothing had happened. 

It does not change the look, feel or breathability of the shoes and has no effect on the skin.

Service Specifications

✓ Waterproofing and easy removal of stains and all types of dirt deposit on the surfaces. Humidity, coffee, ketchup, wine, oil, syrup, sauces, and other hot or cold liquids are easily removed from the shoes and fabrics when it’s protected with Nano4Shoes.
✓ Contains no silicones, waxes or oils.
✓ The coating is extremely strong and 100% invisible without affecting the breathability and haptics (feel) of the shoe.
✓ Saves the environment and money by reducing use of chemical detergents by up to 90%
✓ Duration of protection is up to 1 year (or 20-30 wash cycles for regularly washed shoes)
✓ Has no effect on the skin and in fact offers antibacterial protection.
✓ 100% ecological and certified with ECO passport from Hohenstein Institute. 

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