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Shiny and Smooth? Look again

When you look at even the most shiniest of cars with the naked eye, it seems exactly that. Shiny and smooth! But put it under an electron microscope, the reality is anything but! All surfaces, porous and non-porous alike have ‘crater-like’ pores that give adhesion to water, dirt and grime.


Over time, these holes are ‘filled up’ with environmental pollutants. Layer upon layer of these elements create a very strong binding that is almost impossible to thoroughly clean resulting in staining and fading.

Till now, we (professional car-washes included) use chemical cleaners that only clean the surface but do nothing to address what’s in those microscopic pores. This results in inorganic pollutants returning to the surface restarting the vicious cycle of dirt and staining.


Money wasted

Wasted Money!Spending money on chemicals means we need to keep on spending just to keep surfaces clean.


time waste

Wasted time!Chemical cleaning methods also means more frequent cleaning cycles


water pollutionWater Table pollution! When using chemicals, we inevitably pollute our water table. Taking into account only 0.03% of the Earth’s water is drinkable. Do we really want to continue using chemicals?

decrease in valueDecrease in Value!Shorter product Cycles also mean decrease in Product Value

How does Hydrophobic Nanotechnology for the automotive sector coatings solve this?


Post Application Charectaristics


Nano4Glass (the Invisible Wiper)

Nano4GlassNano4Glass is specially formulated for automotive glass, Vessel Portholes and other surfaces where wipers are generally used.

The effect of blinding rain and reduced visibility is a well known weather related reality. The protective SiO2 (Silicone Dioxide) based film provides an invisible and long lasting protection from insects, dust, dirt etc. All organic and inorganic pollutants is
easily removed without any mechanical means and chemicals. In winter , ice, snow and frost allows for easy removal as Nano4CarGlass prevents water penetration on the windshield surface.




✓Improves Driving visibility even in the most extreme weather.

✓Excellent  visibility for the driver even without the use of wipers 

✓UV Protection

✓Excellent protection against dirt, water and oils.

✓Prevents dashboard colour alteration and flaking from UV light.

✓Easy to clean. Tree sap and bird droppings are also easily cleaned.

✓Highly resistance to abrasion and completely invisible.

Invisible Wiper Effect at 70Kms                                                                                                                                    long-arrow-right



RimsNano4Rims has been specially formulated for automotive rims and mags. Si02 properties provide an ultra-thin durable and invisible protection for car rims that prevent brake dust and dirt particles from entering the microscopic pores on your rims. After using Nano4Rims, dust and dirt is just as easily cleaned as if it was a nano-glass surface. 

✓Excellent protection against dirt, dust, mud,water and any other element.

✓UV Protection

✓Easy to clean with a little water.

✓Resistance to abrasion.

✓Completely invisible.

✓Withstands high pressure steam cleaning.

✓Tolerant to high temperatures.

✓Absolute frost resistance



Invisible Protection, Superior Liquid Repellency and Easy to Clean for heavy textiles. Ideal for Car Seats and Auto Interior Carpeting.

Yellow SeatsNano4-Premium Textile® is a water based Nanotechnology product. After applying the product and upon completion of the curing process (24 hours), a thin layer of SiO2 (silicon Dioxide) seals the protected area so no foreign liquid or oily substance can penetrate the fabric or textile, reducing the chance of permanent staining. It will do this without affecting the breathability or haptics (feel) of the fabric. 

Humidity, water, coffee, ketchup, wine, coffee, oil, syrup, sauces, and other hot or cold liquids are easily removed from the fabric or textile when it’s protected with Nano4-Premium Textile.

child seats

Anti Microbial

✓Excellent protection against liquids, oil and dirt.

✓Protection against Bacteria.

✓Contains UV inhibitors.

✓Completely Invisible.

✓Very easy to Clean with Water only.

✓Reduction of chemical Detergents by 90%.

✓Eco-Friendly by reducing the use of Chemicals.

✓Does not affect the Breathability and Haptics (feel) of the fabric.

leather seatsheepskin test

ZR53 Anti Scratch Protection for Vehicles new

In another MyBigNano First, we bring to you one of the toughest and hardest Ceramic based Nanotechnology coating for the vehicle. This coating has 9H hardness grading and attempts have been made to scratch a treated car surface with the flint scratchwheel from a BIC lighter. Scratchwheel was unsuccessful in scratching the auto paint and came out on the losing endBIC

Nasiol Bonnet

The ultimate in nano car paint protection system against harmful effects like acid rains, bird droppings, scratches, sunburn and bad washing techniques . It’s applied on car paint, plastic trims, bumpers with an easy one step application ensuring durable nano ceramic coating protection. Its unique technology enables it to achieve a thick coating, and this coating effectively protects your car.




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