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MY BIG NANO LOGO (PNG)MyBigNano Australia was established in 2016 to bring the latest generation innovation to the Australian Market. We specialise chiefly in the provision of Unique Nanotechnology Coatings to almost every surface and in multiple industries. MyBigNano revolutionises the way we take care of our most prized possessions.

In an Australian first, we are extending the opportunity for the Average Australian to participate in the lucrative nanotechnology business with our 100 AUD Nanotech-Operator’s model.

new logoMyBigNano Australia is an extension of the already established MyBigNano South Africa. Our African sister affiliate is based in Johannesburg, has been in this market for years and was the first company to bring Nanotechnology coatings to South Africa. The company boasts successful operator distribution in 6 of South Africa’s 9 Provinces.


sECRET sAUCESo, we’re ‘’exporting’’ the secret sauce Down Under and we’re going to make a success of the business in the Australian Market by taking advantage of the know-how gained by the South African model of business. This means that you can start your own high mobility Nanotech business for a little as 100 AUD (the lowest threshold of Contract in Australia) with exceptional terms and the lowest cost.


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5-StarOur 5-Star Business approach enables us to provide the already established technical know-how to Australia and truly exceptional service in an innovative industry that is booming and on track to become a 100 Billion Dollar Global Industry in the next few years.



HandbookPlease feel free to browse this website as an element of our expertise and professionalism. Please feel free to additionally go through T&C Handbook which provides guidance and conditions of use relative to the use of this site and the information provided.

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